About PhoneDown

Enjoy life's experiences

The dramatic rise of smartphone usage has led to many unfortunate and inappropriate side effects. Texting while driving, walking, family dinners to name only a small few. PhoneDown is the first technology platform designed specifically to encourage people to put their phone down and become more engaged with real life. With PhoneDown, you can create personalized challenges for yourself, family and friends to complete. Try it out today by going to www.phonedown.com with your smartphone.


How does it work?

Its simple and easy

1. Go to www.phonedown.com with your smartphone
2. Click the ‘Start’ to begin the default PhoneDown challenge
3. Once challenge is complete, upload a pic (optional) and nominate friends and family (facebook and email) to complete their own PhoneDown challenge
4. Create your own personalized PhoneDown challenge by clicking on the menu icon (custom url, time and purpose)


The Challenge

Nominate your friends

Challange your friends to facebook, twitter and email to put their phone down. You can challenge them to put their phone down with you, when driving, eating, working out, at school, work and more...

You will get an email back to let you know whether they completed the challenge. Most challenges have 24 hours to complete.

"Amazing idea!  It’s about time that people started putting their phones down!"

John Graton, freepress.com

"I wish more and more people would use this at my restaurant!"

Jane Dunn, pizzzresto.com

"This app puts a stop to texting and driving"

Dan Wellington, statepolice.com

Promote Your Brand

PhoneDown is an ideal way to promote your brand, while encouraging socially appropriate use of smartphones. Using a custom PhoneDown challenge, your corporate messaging will appear during the entire duration of each challenge. Further, it has been proven that encouraging people to put their PhoneDown will create a better customer experience between you and your customers (http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-28272380)


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